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Le regole della fotografia e quando infrangerle
by Haje Jans Kamps
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Scott Kelby's Digital Photography Books, Volumes 1, 2, and 3
by Scott Kelby
Includes: The Digital Photography Book The Digital Photography Book, Volume 2 The Digital Photography Book, Volume 3 Scott Kelby, the man who changed the "digital darkroom" forever with his groundbreaking, #1 bestselling, award-winning book The ...
The Digital Photography Book, Part 5
by Scott Kelby
Scott Kelby, author of the top-selling digital photography book of all time, is back with an entirely new book in his popular series that picks up right where part 4 left off. It’s more of that “Ah ha—so that’s how they do it,” straight-to-the ...
A Photographer's Guide to Focus and Autofocus
by Alan Hess
Autofocus changed the way photos are taken, making it easier to capture and keep the subject in sharp focus. Since autofocus was first introduced, it has become much more complicated, offering different focus modes, focus types, and focus points ...
Fotografia notturna
by Gabriel Biderman
Una guida per imparare i fondamentali della fotografia notturna e realizzare immagini di forte impatto.
Mastering Black and White Digital Photography
by Michael Freeman
Black and white has an enduring appeal that just keeps on growing. Above all, it's a medium for the fine print--one that benefits immeasurably from digital technology and inkjet printers. Written by a photographer well-known for his ability to ...
Photography for Real Estate Interiors
by Nathan Cool
From gear to editing, composition, lighting, settings, techniques and more, real estate photographer Nathan Cool provides a comprehensive guide for shooting high-quality interior real estate photography from start to finish. Learn how to not just ...

La luce nella fotografia digitale
by Syl Arena
La luce è il punto di partenza di ogni fotografo. Il segreto per ottenere foto di qualità dipende soprattutto dalla capacità di vedere, influenzare, modificare, controllare e creare la luce. Con questo libro Syl Arena, autore di numerosi ...
Digital Photography Expert
by Michael Freeman
Instructive text and images of major tools and equipment make this comprehensive resource essential to every digital photographer's library. With it, they can master both the technical and creative aspects of lighting through a combination of ...
Fotografare con una luce impossibile
by Lindsay Adler
In questo libro, i fotografi professionisti Lindsay Adler ed Erik Valind analizzano la Top Ten delle peggiori situazioni di illuminazione in cui ci si possa trovare. Forniscono valide soluzioni per ciascuna di esse mostrando quelle più facilmente ...
by Joe McNally
Da 35 anni Joe McNally crea fotografie che raccontano delle storie. Le sue immagini, di volta in volta drammatiche, sottili, energiche, gioiose, toccanti, misteriose, sono eterogenee quanto gli approcci alla loro illuminazione. In Fotografare la ...
The Flash Book
by Scott Kelby
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Illumina, scatta, ritocca. Da uno studio vuoto all'immagine finale
by Scott Kelby
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Studio and Location Lighting Secrets for Digital Photographers
by Rick Sammon
Improve your photography with more than 200 lighting tips from a top photographer Written by Canon Explorer of Light Rick Sammon and leading fashion and studio photographer Vered Koshlano, this guide is packed with professional advice on the ...
Cinematic Portraits
by Pete Wright
Pete Wright teaches you how to re-create mysterious, dark, and glamorous cinematic portraits reminiscent of those taken of 1920s’ and 1930s’ stars and starlets. The book contains 60 discrete sections which contain 60 of Wright’s most impressive ...

Photoshop CC Top 100 Simplified Tips and Tricks
by Stan Sholik
Take your Photoshop skill set to the next level with these essential techniques If you're already familiar with Photoshop basics and are ready to learn some new tips, tricks, and techniques, then this is the book for you! Full-color, step-by-step ...
The Hidden Power of Blend Modes in Adobe Photoshop
by Scott Valentine
Demonstrates how to use blend modes in Adobe Photoshop, covering such topics as photographic manipulation, compositing, design, and painting, and offering a reference to every blend mode and more than fifty techniques.
Fotoritratto. Tecniche professionali di fotoritocco con Photoshop
by Scott Kelby
Provides step-by-step techniques on how to fix, enhance, and finish portraits using Photoshop.
Photoshop Lightroom da semplici istantanee a grandi scatti
by Jeff Revell
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Lightroom 5 per la fotografia digitale
by Scott Kelby
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Photoshop per Lightroom
by Scott Kelby
Chiunque usi Adobe Photoshop Lightroom per la gestione e l’editing delle immagini sa che è un grande programma, capace di migliorare a ogni nuova versione. Tuttavia, benché soddisfi la grande maggioranza delle necessità di un fotografo, Lightroom ...
Fotografia digitale in bianco e nero: da semplici istantanee a grandi scatti
by John Batdorff
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The Headshot
by Peter Hurley
It used to be that the only people that needed professional-looking headshots were actors and models, but now thanks to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and social media in general, headshots are hot! They've never been more in demand than they are ...
Portrait Photography
by Michael Freeman
Hundreds of beautiful color photographs show how to master photography's most popular subject: the art of portraiture. By combining traditional photographic skills with the limitless possibilities offered by digital, this expert guide helps ...
The Portrait Photography Course
by Mark Jenkinson
The ability to create an effective portrait is probably the single most important skill any aspiring photographer must master. Few professional photographers, whatever their area of specialization, can hope to have a successful career without ...
Il nudo nelle immagini e nei racconti dei più grandi fotografi
by Anthony LaSala
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The Art of Black & White Portrait Photography
by Oscar Lozoya
With text by Peter Skinner Featuring 100 captivating images by master photographer Oscar Loxoya and text by Peter Skinner, this book unveils all of the creative and technical skills that photographers need to produce portraits with personality ...
Street Photography
by Gordon Lewis
Since the advent of the camera, there have been photographers whose mission is to record and interpret the public sphere in all its aspects. Eugene Atget documented evidence of everyday life in the streets as well as the buildings and monuments ...
Fotografare i matrimoni: da semplici istantanee a grandi scatti
by Suzy Clement
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Fotografia di moda
by Eliot Siegel
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Shooting Yourself
by Haje Jan Kamps
In the age of social networking, a self-portrait will be the most important photo you ever take. This book will show you how to create images of yourself that capture your personality and express your creativity -- or just make you look hot ...
Pet Photography
by Alan Hess
This new entry in the From Snapshots to Great Shots series will teach readers everything they need to know about photographing their pets. Like all books in the series, the book will offer instruction on basic photographic technique, discussing ...

Jeanloup Sieff
by Jeanloup Sieff
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Robert Mapplethorpe
by Robert Mapplethorpe
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American Pictures
by Jeff Dunas
After two decades in Paris, Jeff Dunas returned to the US in 1993 and set out on the first of many trips crisscrossing the country to photograph scenes representative of the small-town America that he remembered from his youth in the 1960s. His ...
by Gian Paolo Barbieri
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by James A. Fox
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Photo Icons
by Hans-Michael Koetzle
The stories behind history's most extraordinary photographs (TASCHEN's 25th anniversary special edition) Photographs have a strange and powerful way of shaping the way we see the world and influencing our perceptions of reality. To demonstrate ...
Fotografia del ventesimo secolo. Ediz. illustrata
by Steven Heller
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Il mondo della fotografia
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Man Ray
by Emmanuelle de L'Ecotais
Présentation de l'oeuvre avant-gardiste du photographe américain Man Ray précédée d'une note d'André Breton sur l'artiste, extraite de Le surréalisme et la peinture (1927).
Edward Weston, 1886-1958
by Terence Pitts
Présentation de l'oeuvre du photographe américain Edward Weston.
The North American Indian
by Edward S. Curtis
Provides a unique pictorial record of more than 80 American Indian tribes, their traditions and customs.
The Polaroid book. Ediz. italiana, spagnola e portoghese
by Barbara Hitchcock
In existence for over 50 years, the Polaroid Corporation's photography collection is a collection of Polaroid images in the world. Begun by Polaroid founder Edwin Land and photographer Ansel Adams, the collection now includes images by hundreds ...

Worth Every Penny: Build a Business That Thrills Your Customers and Still Charge What You're Worth
by Sarah Petty
A revelation for small business owners: creating a profitable business is possible without getting into a slash-and-burn price war with your competitors. Petty and Verbeck inspire you to live your passion and pass your enthusiasm on to your ...
The Photographer's MBA
by Sal Cincotta
If you have finally taken the leap with your photography and gone into business–or if you are considering it– The Photographer’s MBA will prove a helpful guide in navigating the often confusing and occasionally frustrating territories of business ...